this is travel log, time with laurensia, showing our trip to England. I was thinking 3 years ago we visited some of the places like cambridge, St. Ives, Penrith, Bath. It was very memorable for us. The ordinary stuffs like meeting new people, visitting new places indeed was such a beautiful journey for us.We met our best friends, Jefferson Barnes, Kuncara and fam, Alvin and fam, Melur,lot of  new friends !

We love travelling because not only gives us time for being together but also it’s the moment for looking lot of good people, beautiful places, and another camariderie. like what Nikki Giovanni said that “We love because it’s the only true adventure.”

adventure … I think that we are still making our adventure, till the very end time.

So still that I think , collect your images, you stories, your own butterfly collections…

with your family, and your loved one.


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