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Realrich met Kartika Affandi, 80 tahun. "Kaki sebagai simbol kemajuan, membuat progress. Tangan sebagai simbol kreativitas, kejeniusan manusia. Matahari sebagai simbol kehidupan, dunia yang kita jalani." Proses berkesenian adalah sebuah proses mendalami arti kehidupan, manis, pahit perjalanan menemukan diri sendiri yang seutuhnya. 3 hours of conversation. Me and my wife met Her in serendipity yesterday. She asked her staff to come to us because she wanted to give her signature to book that realrich bought, she said "it's a feeling" in my mind i was wondering for few minutes just thinking whether bu Kartika able to sign the book. It's telephaty then :) . "Telepathy is one of the most beautiful Psychic Powers. It is known as mind to mind communication, (Tele means- distance and pathy means- feelings) which is feelings exchanging between two minds and in an advanced stage this can be done between multiple minds. " and day the after that, now she invited we to come to her house. :)

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everytime you go to yogyakarta, stay here, she showed us one room with bathroom connected to her room. She said “I can use you to give me suggestion for my home and gallery everytime (boleh juga katanya) “( we laugh over loud) . And then few people came, she said to everybody, ” I have new son and daughter now, pointing at us whom I (kartika) met in serendipity in affandi’s gallery. ” I felt that It’s not that we are so special, but she treated everyone like her son or daughter, and we were so lucky to meet her. She is just so lovely. And she said “i have told you my story, and what’s yours ? “….Such admirable person! in such age and willing to ask , listen and teach unknown people in front of her.


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