hallo there

hallothere hope you do great, …

Life is just so beautiful and so special if you imagine. The breath that we have, the magic of the moments, look up the bluish Sky is so blue, trees are so green, the power of compassion as human show the incredible of what God given to us.

I, Realrich was born on 16 January 1982, I am just an ordinary architect and here is my wife, Laurensia, she was born on 22 May 1982, she is an unordinary dentist. We have been together in our marriage for exact 1 year. She and me are in the same age who are in our 30’s. Some people said, Life is just begun at 30, that’s like what we probably thought. Probably it’s just a coincidence, or miracle, or unbelievable gift that she and me could be together. I believe it’s the destiny. Its the one that everybody will walk. Everybody have his or her own destiny, so do you, and so do us. Here is our destiny to walk our life together. It’s not such a fairy tale that we live on but such an ordinary life with love.

Like what Tom Jones wrote, it’s the September that we try to remember, when life was so slow and so mellow, the grass was green and grain was yellow, it’s one magical song that I do love most. So this is the story not about me, but also my dearest wife, family, and friends around the world, and maybe it’s about you somehow we are connected.

Just like one cab driver said to me “hey Realrich, do you know that good people meet good people, so don’t worry about life. Just do your best.” I deeply look forward to see you, hear your story, know you, and wish you the great happiness in life like what my wife and me feel.




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